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Closed-Loop Service Recovery



The loyalty enhancing effect of service recovery

In business, it is simply impossible to always delivery amazing service, despite the best intentions.

When service goes wrong, it is critical that businesses are able to identify the customers for whom service has failed and to deliver remedial action.

Over the years we have discovered some very interesting things about service failure and recovery.

Did you know that:

  1. Unhappy customers are likely to tell at least 8 other people of their experiences – unless you can fix their frustrations
  2. Meaningful service recovery needs to happen within 24 hours of the negative service event to change customer behaviour and prevent brand damage
  3. Customer dissatisfaction (properly measured) is a leading variable in customer attrition models we have built.
  4. Treat Customers Fairly (TCF) requires that you implement full closed-loop service recovery in your business if you are in Financial Services.
  5. A customer who goes through a successful service recovery is measurably more loyal than a satisfied customer who never has anything go wrong
  6. Implementing a survey service recovery process has a very dangerous pitfall and that a you may be missing some of the most At Risk customer completely in your survey program?

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