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Watch a quick video of some of the features of our Analytics Builder

Survey Reporting and Analytics

A good survey system must have an analytics engine able to meet the demands of a Customer Centricity team who wish to unlock trends and insights across a number of business dimensions.

Our system, the Analytics Builder, is able to create on-the-fly analytics across any number of dimensions of business and survey data.

Some of the features of the Analytics Builder include

  • Full customisation on the fly – create whatever type of chart, with any variable to analyse any questions
  • Integration with business data Multidimensional visualisations such as Heat maps, Marimekkos, Multiseries line charts etc
  • Understand if business metrics influence satisfaction, such as the length of calls
  • Understand which attributes of agents influence the satisfaction of their customers
  • Understand detailed measurement about what customers are doing and how this influences satisfaction
  • Free text model building and trend mining as well as sentiment analysis
  • Customisable push reports – easy to add to board packs
  • Micro reports for contact center agents