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64 Turaco St, Sandton 2055, South Africa
141B Block E Millenium Park, Century City
+27 (0)11 267 1400

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You should consider having a South African CEM Partner

Thirty by Thirty is a pretty unique business. We anticipated the move towards customer centricity and the intelligent use of technology in Market Research back in 2005 before anyone else thought it was a good idea.

Today, platforms like our are widespread and businesses are all talking about Customer Centricity.

This is a head-space we have been in for longer than most and our technology is more mature than most. Couple this with favourable exchange rate value differentials and the result is a best of bread provider at a globally competitive rate.

Consider these five reasons to engage with us if you are non a South Africa company.

  1. South Africa’s cost of labour is lower than all of the developed economies – reducing our internal cost of support
  2. The English we speak is derived from the United Kingdom, making our support staff easy to understand
  3. We don’t believe in tiering our pricing services meaning, you pay what a local firm would pay. We have studied this and believe we offer the same quality as the internal best players at 20% of the rate
  4. Our technology is mature and fully recapatilised meaning we don’t need to charge extortionate fees to cover our expenses
  5. We have in our team ex consultants from international consulting firms including Bain & Co and BSG, meaning we get international business problems

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