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Integrated or Blended Market Services & Research

Software alone is not sufficient to conduct complete market research. Historically Market Research had fewer instruments or technologies available to conduct surveys. With the advent of the internet, enhanced telephony and the development of computing power, software has become an augmenter to the historically limited toolkit.
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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management is synonymous with Voice of the Customer. An effective customer experience management strategy involves a number of components and implementation should be done. in conjunction with a partner company who understand the complexities and importance of getting it right
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Voice of the Customer – and Enterprise Feedback Management

Voice of the customer is a term used by business to describe the process whereby the needs and wants of an organisations customers, as well as their levels of satisfaction and loyalty, are made visible.

Voice of the customer is often expanded to include Voice of the Employee and Voice of the vendor or business partners.
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Escalations, Social media and unsolicited feedback management

Understanding meaning in unstructured text and external data sources is an important part of your Client Strategy. We approach this problem using two alternative methods; the first being through the use of a state of the art sentiment predication algorythm and the second being through the unfailing use of manual coding….
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